PCMA Challenge

Welcome to the PCMA Education Conference Challenge!

We all like a little healthy competition, so join in the fun and start earning those engagement badges! You can earn badges by networking with peers during live sessions, downloading education resources, attending the end of day virtual happy hours and much more! 

Overall Leaderboard
Rank Name Badges Points

Challenge accepted! You’ll find below the various challenges, points and badges you’re eligible to earn throughout the live event. Once you have completed each achievement, your points along with your badge will be awarded and displayed on the leader board.

Session Seeker (20)

Achieved when a participant attends at least 4 sessions.

Sponsor Supporter (40)

Achieved when a participant visits the New Orleans space/page.

Chat Master (40)

Achieved when a participant joins a session chat or a Virtual Happy Hour...

Picture Perfect (5)

Achieved when a participant adds a headshot to their profile.

Resource Finder (20)

Achieved when a participant downloads 4 of session resources.

Profile Perfection (5)

Achieved when an participant updates their profile.

Feedback Master (20)

Achieved when a participant completes 5 session evaluations

Education Warrior (50)

Achieved when a participant attends 5 or more sessions. 

Engagement Champion (200)

Achieved by earning ALL badges.